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Strong composition is one of the essential ingredients of landscape photography, yet it remains difficult and elusive for most of us. While the art of composition is learned through practice and experience, there are fundamental concepts that can help to improve your ability to make stronger images.

In this recent presentation at the B&H Event Space in NYC, I had the opportunity to share these fundamental concepts, and examples of how I use them in my own work. I hope it inspires you to apply them to your own image making. Enjoy!

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  1. Great lecture thank you. My wife and I were camping on Mt Desert about the same time as you and your family. I love the early mornings up there. We live in Camden Maine and get up the coast several times a year.

  2. Absolutely loved this video – will definitely watch it again.

    When I first found your blog the simplicity and strength of the compositions is what really stood out to me.

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