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Marsh Lines, Acadia National Park

“Creativity is imagination and imagination is for everyone.” Paul Arden

As I walked along this marsh in Acadia National Park, many photo opportunities jumped out at me. But I challenged myself to exclude as much as I possibly could. Why? Because a strange visual thing happens when you limit your viewpoint and focus your concentration on an isolated area, it frees you to see more. 

I struggled with this idea for many years, and often gave in to my overriding instinct to capture the wider scene. But I’m slowly learning to give nature more time, and giving is always better than taking, especially when we are engaged with “taking pictures.”

When we’re focused on taking, that leaves little time and attention for what really makes a difference in developing vision. A mindful awareness that lets the details speak, the colors sing, and the mystery of each moment reveal itself. Then you can go inwards to find the vision that compels you to make an image.

There is no room for “taking photographs” this way. Instead you enjoy the process of making photographs because it becomes personal and meaningful.

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  1. Very well said, sir. One should “make” photographs or graphics of light from the inside instead of “taking” from the outside. Just like making music, every photograph we make reveals our true faces, and mindful awareness is the key.

    By the way, Robert, been reading and benefiting from your “Insights from Beyond the Lens” these days. Thank you very much.

  2. Thank you Robert for another great blog! You are the one photographer that I stop and listen whenever you have something to say.

  3. I have returned to the same area several times. The light is never the same. My point of view always changes. There is one constant, art is never repeated.
    Your images tell me this is true.

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