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I stumbled upon these two great “video essays” from Adam Westbrook and thought they were tremendously relevant in todays market driven world of digital photography. The clear message here is that the worlds greatest achievers in all fields achieved greatness over long stretches of slow but methodical progress. They never gave up and were single minded in their dedication and passion.

The “long game” is something I’ve written about before, and Adam illustrates it beautiful in these short videos. Enjoy.


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  1. Thank you for sharing these videos, Robert. They are powerful and visual reminders of a theme woven throughout your blog and the course I took from you: “grit” — perseverance and passion for long-term goals — matters as much in arts like photography as it does in other disciplines. With film, the medium itself forced me to be patient and persistent; the ability to produce an image instantly often leads me to expect instant satisfaction.

    I suspect I’ll need to revisit these videos over and over again when I need to remember why I’m hauling my camera gear to a location for the hundredth time….

  2. RRjr, thanks for sharing Adam Westbrook’s video essays! You have no idea how serendipitously perfect the timing was–around the 2-minute mark on the second video, wow–really got to me, for da Vinci, myself, and all the creatives out there quietly hammering away at experience, shaping it into something they can present from their points of view.
    Yes, the long game.

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