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Lee Ritenour “Twist of Rit” on Spotify – Another legendary jazz/fusion musician I’ve been listening to for decades. Lee is a master guitarist, able to cross musical genre’s with ease while still retaining his signature sound and musicality. Melodic, funky, rhythmic, and so musical, I love how he’s continued to push himself creatively and professionally, exemplifying that single greatest factor to artistic success; consistency.


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – one of the best books I’ve read in a while on creativity and the pursuit of meaningful work. In an age where we’re encouraged to measure our worth based on material gain, Elizabeth reminds us that, “You can measure your worth by your dedication to your path, not by your successes or failures.”

Whether you’re a photographer or a writer, this book presents a great perspective on what it means to be creative, namely it’s a product of a dedicated work ethic and commitment to sharing your voice with the world, even in the face of fear.



Curiosity Stream – in searching for online resources for our son who is homeschooled, I discovered Curiosity Stream, and I’m so happy I did. Their website describes it as follows:

“The mission of CuriosityStream is to provide an affordable, ad-free, online destination where the world’s best factual television content can be enjoyed on demand and on any device by the planet’s community of the curious.”

In the two months that we’ve been subscribers, we’ve already watched a ton of interesting documentaries on artists, inventors, and greek mythology.

We disconnected our cable service over 10 years ago, and with new on-demand services like this becoming available, we spend more time as a family learning and less time becoming sedated by mass media. For $5/month, you can go wrong if you enjoy documentaries – there’s even a 30 day free trial.


The Baron Fig Confidant
Making a sketchnote of my favorite podcast.

Baron Fig Confidant Notebook – I love physical notebooks and have used one ever since I read the book “How to think like Leonardo DaVinci” years ago. I’ve used many different notebooks over the years, but the Confidant is my current favorite. And best of all, it’s made by a small company based in NYC.

Much has been written on why you should carry a notebook with you at all times, not to mention it was one of DaVinci’s core practices. In this world of digital ubiquity, which I enjoy, there is something about taking the time to write it down physically that helps the brain make connections that are distinct from using a digital device. Plus nothing beats pen and paper for instant recall.

Inspiring Quote

“Many painters are afraid of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas IS AFRAID of the truly passionate painter who dares – and who has once broken the spell of “you can’t.” – Van Gogh (From “Ever Yours: The Essential Letters”)

Enjoy and share! Please leave any questions below.

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  1. Great share Robert! I love your thoughts on pen and paper, and could not agree more! I keep a notebook on me all the time, and often make notes about my thoughts and feelings while out shooting.


  2. Agree completely with keeping a notebook, and an unlined one is the best. I just order a Confidant from Baron Fig. Nice people and a great looking notebook! Thanks for the tips and your blog.


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