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I’m away with the family on a holiday vacation visiting our nations capital, and also taking a short break from writing on the blog. But I have lots of articles and tutorials planned for the new year, so I’m looking forward to sharing those with you soon.

Regardless of where I am, I’m always studying light and its effect on the environment around me. It keeps me attuned and sensitive to the nuances of light and its many qualities. That’s a critical skill for any photographer, but especially when photographing nature because the light is always variable and out of your control.

The more aware you become of light, the more your images will improve.

I had a chance to visit the US Botanical Gardens, and made a few photographs of vegetation simply trying to make light the subject matter. It’s something I practice all the time because you can do it anywhere. and I suggest you try it as well. You can even practice this in your backyard.

The point is not to make an award winning photograph, but rather to practice the language of photography. Photograph how light creates lines, shapes, textures, and patterns, thinking less about subject matter and more about form. That translates directly to the field when you are in a position to capture a truly amazing moment that contains both visual and emotional energy.

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