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OPTIC TypeJust an update to let you know that I am very honored and grateful to be a presenter at this years Optic 2016 Photography Conference given by B&H Photo in NYC. I’ll be giving a talk on Creative Composition in Landscape Photography where I’ll discuss my approach to composition and how I’ve been influenced by music and art in general.

When I saw the list of names of the other photographers that will be speaking, I was definitely intimidated to say the least. As with any challenge, fear is always an obstacle. But this is also the perfect opportunity to realize that fear is mostly a mental construct, and we can get past it when we put our focus on the right things; the things within our control. Now I just have to put my words into practice 🙂

It will also be live streamed, so be sure to check the B8H website for the specific link.

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    1. Yes, I was mistaken about what they would be streaming. The good news is that the video recording will be on youtube soon – will post here as always.


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