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Photographer and entrepreneur Chase Jarvis interviews big thinker and author Seth Godin in his video series “30 Days of Genius.” This is a great conversation about many things I think about often, but in particular pay careful attention to Seth’s definition of art, and what it means to be an artist.

Another point which he emphasizes quite directly is that getting caught up in specific techniques, methodologies, and formulas is  really not that useful. Everyone wants the shortcuts, but what makes the difference is that you work consistently, always focused on work that “might not work.” That means you’re putting yourself out there on a limb where failure is ever present, instead of playing it safe with what’s expected.

The whole discussion is fascinating with many insights for anyone who aspires to be more creative, especially photographers. Listen and think deeply about what really matters.

What matters? “The simplest answer is would they miss you if you were gone…Anything worth doing is worth doing because you changed someone else.” – Seth Godin

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