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It’s all too easy for anyone today to hang a photo exhibition and call themselves an artist. But that title, available to anyone who commits to hard work, has to be earned.

Your commitment to your voice is what makes the difference, giving your imagination the space it needs to dream.

To say “what if?”

It lets your ideas flow more freely without as much self-criticism or fear.

That my friends, is the sole reason to pursue landscape photography. Maybe not at first, maybe not for years, but eventually that has to be the reason. Because if it isn’t, you will fail to connect to your viewers in a way that matters.

You must be invested in your work, totally and fully. That can only happen when you photograph for yourself. It took me many years to realize that, not only as a photographer, but as a musician. Your work has to be about you, not what others think of you.

To me, landscape photography is about self-exploration. The more I photograph a place, the more I discover about that place and about myself.

It’s humbling, but so important for your voice, and your long term creative happiness.

“The human imagination is infinitely powerful and profound. it allows each person to bring to their work of art something that is unique to him or her.” John Loori

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  1. I like your color shot of the rocks and trees and I also have an area similar on the St. Croix River in Minnesota. This photo inspires me to go back and spend the day reshooting the rocks and trees. I took your photo and made a greyscale conversion and really like it as black and white is what I prefer.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. This is a post with a very strong an important message. It basically takes hard work and consistency to grow as a photographer! Yes! It’s true! I’m thankful for the reminder!

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