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The 9″ x 12″  2017 Nature of Inspiration Wall Calendar is available for pre-order from the store. A always, it features landscape images I made this year combined with my favorite inspirational quotes that I hope add a little inspiration to your day, month, and year.

I often talk about having photographic projects that help you stay focused and motivated to get out and shoot. This is one for me that I’ve been doing for seven years now, and it still challenges me as much as the first year did.

I fell behind in designing and printing the calendar, but I will have them in stock soon. These make great gifts, so all orders placed by Dec 16th will ship just in time for Christmas Day. There will be a limited quantity of these calendars available, so pre-order before they sell out.


“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Helen Keller

Thanks as always for your support and please share with anyone you think may be interested!

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