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I will be conducting a free live webinar covering the Lightroom Print Module for Canson Infinity on March 22nd at 11am EST

In my opinion, the Lightroom Print Module is the best software for making fine art prints in terms of workflow, efficiency, ease of use, and powerful layout options. I will cover all of these features, plus allow time for Q+A at the end.

Register Here!

Experience your work in the real world. The Printmaker Masterclass is live and growing! Learn more here.

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  1. Sounds great, Robert! I will be on business travel at the time . Will the webinar be recorded and available for later viewing?

  2. Please let me know if I’ll be able to view this webinar on line. I’ll be traveling on this date and may not be able to access the webinar.

  3. Robert, I’m confused by the time. Your blog entry states 11:00 am EST. When I register through Canson, it states a 4:00 pm time.

    1. I just looked again, and see that it’s 16:00 GMT on the Canson site, which will be 11:00 EST. I forgot Canson is based in Europe.

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