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“The pictures which do not represent an intense interest cannot expect to create an intense interest.” – Robert Henri

I’m in Moab, Utah leading the “Spring in the Southwest” workshop with a great group of passionate students. That in of itself is a tremendous privilege that I try to remember as often as I can. I also get to spend time in a place that truly nourishes my body and mind.
There is a a scale to the desert that alters my perspective about time, space, and meaning. Trying to capture that in a photograph is extremely difficult, but the attempt is what matters most to me. Reacting to the landscape and its beauty is what I enjoy the most. The results of the creative process are a nice reward, but a secondary reward nonetheless. 
The primary benefit is realizing how fortunate I am to have that opportunity. 
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  1. Brings back great memories! The Spring in the Southwest trip was such a memorable one for me last year. Just wanted to say thank you again, Robert, for all that you do in helping and inspiring all of us!

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