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I’m happy to announce a new series of free webinars that I will be offering over the next few months. My goal is to share creative inspiration and practical recourses to help you continue to grow as a photographer.

Based on feedback I’ve received from students, blog readers, and newsletter subscribers, I’m going to address the most common challenges that come up over and over again. It’s no surprise that composition, creative inspiration, and originality are at the top of the list.

The first webinar, “From Capture to Print, The Making of a Landscape Photograph,”  will be held on Tuesday May 23rd, at 2pm EST. There will be a recording available for registered subscribers only. To learn more and reserve your spot, visit the webinar registration page here!

Hope you can join us!

Experience your work in the real world. The Printmaker Masterclass is live and growing! Learn more here.

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