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Ask Me Anything Videos
1. Ask Me Anything Video – Fine Art Photography, Composition, Creativity
2. Ask Me Anything Video #2 – Value of Printing, Business of Photography, and more…

Here is the first video of my new Ask Me Anything series where I answer your questions about photography and related topics. I’ve received many questions, so this first video only answers a fraction of them. but I hope you’ll gain some benefit from the questions of others as well.

Please visit this page to submit questions for future videos.

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  1. Great idea! I believe that one can enhance their knowledge-base a lot better from the Q&A. The diverse range of questions allow more issues to come to the surface and be discussed.

  2. This was inspiring Robert and I look forward to more videos. They will be a great resource.

  3. Just to thank you for all the help I have received from you over the years. It has definitely moved my photography on.
    I wonder if you have ever considered visiting Scotland which I think would offer you many opportunities for your type of photography.
    And a workshop would be great ?

    1. Hi Muriel, Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! Yes Scotland is actually on my bucket list, both for photographing and for teaching a workshop. If you have any suggestions please email me via the contact page 🙂

  4. I’m impressed how you’re doing more to connect to your readers, followers, etc.
    I watched your video (thank you!), and had a further question regarding your workflow for import of images into Lr. I noticed your point that you use Lr to do the work of sorting, filtering, etc. by using the built-in tools! Makes good sense! My one question: Is there a performance penalty for storing the images in at least one more level of a subfolder, say “month” under “year”. I wouldn’t have thought so, since your really simply working with Lr’s catalog, right? Am I thinking about this correctly? Aren’t the “images” in Lr, simply links to the actual file in your storage system. Maybe if the subfolder structure went real deep there’d be a performance penalty, but then again with a SS storage device, maybe that wouldn’t matter in that case either (?). ‘Sorry for the convoluted questions, but really going back to my main question, “Is there any performance penalty by using a folder structure with another level (i.e. year > month)? Thanks!
    One more if I may: From what I recall in the video, you don’t do any file renaming upon import, do you?
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Hillel, thanks for the positive feedback!

      As to your questions 1) There is no performance penalty for creating any type of folder structure on your hard drive. BUT, there is a time penalty, because the fact is that the raw files are already time stamped when you import them, and so you filter the images down to whatever granularity you want without having to do this physically as folders. In fact, you can import all of your images into one single folder from any day, month, year, and inside of LR be able to filter to the day. Combine this with smart collections, which do this automatically, and the flexibility and efficiency far outweigh anything you can do manually. I will create a video explaining this soon…
      2) No I don’t rename, basically the same reason as #1.

      I want to do less work, not more when it comes to image management, so I rather let the computer and app do what they are best at leaving me to focus on making images…

      1. Understood! Thank you!
        And I certainly agree on minimizing my time/work in front of the computer!

  5. Hey Robert,

    I tried to submit in the AMA section but I’m not seeing where to ask my question. Maybe it’s because I just subscribed and am awaiting an email confirmation???

    Anyhow, when do you decide to take your Canon vs your Olympus? Is it a feel type thing, a weight issue, or something different altogether? Thanks, Jake.

  6. Your “Ask Me Anything” series is a great idea. I really enjoyed the first video and am looking forward to others. What I like about your videos, and what I saw face-to-face in your Acadia workshop, are your emphases on continuous exploration and growth as an artist and on the philosophy of art and creativity. Your articulate explanations of photographic and artistic concepts convey your personal passion for photography and genuine concern for your students’ development and growth. –Many Thanks

  7. Dear Robert,

    just a quick message to say thank you & keep up with the great job you are doing.
    I saw your B&H lecture on fine art printing that was really inspiring to me and then had a look at your website too, which I find full of interesting stuff.

    Best regards from Italy

  8. I really enjoy your blog. I admire you blending the art of photography with life. I have used some of your thoughts in my emotional energy blog to inspire people. You are truly passionate about photogrpahy & life. Your explanation of the histogram helped me understand how to use it. Thanks looking forward to your review of the canon pro 1000. I was not a tripod person but after reading your review I picked up the FLM tripod and love using it.

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