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Ask Me Anything Videos
1. Ask Me Anything Video – Fine Art Photography, Composition, Creativity
2. Ask Me Anything Video #2 – Value of Printing, Business of Photography, and more…

Watch the second and latest video in my Ask Me Anything series where I answer your questions about photography and related topics. Lots of great questions in various topics, always a privilege to answer them as best I can. Thanks to all who submitted!

Please visit this page to submit questions for future videos.

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  1. Hi Robert.
    your discussion on using the histogram gave me a much better understanding of its use. i didn’t know that the “reason” for exposing to the right was to reduce the noise in the shadows. I will definitely pay more attention to this.

    also i agree that you need to find an instructor who you can relate to. I took a workshop last year in which the instructor was very knowledgeable. I had a great time but I didn’t feel I furthered my growth as a photographer. i have been watching any videos i can find of your teaching and have learned a lot. i am taking your Moab UT workshop in 2018 and feel very excited about being able to progress in my skills.
    Thank You for all that you do!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Karen, and I’m most grateful for your trust and support. Looking forward to working with you in Moab next year! thanks 🙂

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