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I was awarded one of the Best Green Lifestyle Bloggers of 2017 by Greenmatch, and while I’ve never heard of this award before, I am honored. According to their description, “GreenMatch has created a list of 40 best green lifestyle bloggers who have a say in promoting and developing an eco-friendly society.”

Putting the environment first has always been natural for me, and it’s the primary reason I photograph landscapes. More than the gear and the pictures, it’s the gift I receive whenever I’m in nature that I want to share and preserve.

I’m also in great company with the likes of Moose Peterson, Michael Fyre, and William Neil, to name a few. These guys have all been instrumental in my growth as an environmentally conscious photographer.

Anyhow, thanks to Greenmatch for the award and their dedication to renewable energy and our precious environment.

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