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In this episode I share my 5 guiding principles of landscape photography. In summary they are:

  • Focus on passion over location
  • Master the tools
  • Remove the non-essentials
  • Prioritize composition
  • Embrace failure; focus on the experience, not the outcome

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  1. Robert, CreativePath Podcast #3 Ask Me Anthing is again an excellent Podcast!
    Thank you for outlining the 5 basic principles in Landscape Photography! You are an excellent speaker and articulate extremely well your guiding principles.

    As a person who’s been involved in Photography as a kid developing and printing my own negatives since the 50’s and up to 4×5 within the past few years or so as well as embracing the digital realm of Photography, I can very well relate to your outstanding principles!

    Thank you, Robert!

  2. Robert…it’s so lovely to be able to sit down in a quiet place and listen to your wise words. To cover all these principles so clearly and comprehensively in 20 minutes is remarkable. So much more effective than the visuals of You tube. Have you thought of doing mindfulness photography in some format?

    1. Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback- really appreciate it. Not sure what you’re referring to in terms of “mindfulness photography,” but that’s what I try to practice in all of my work, as well as life in general.

      If you meant teaching, it’s definitely something I’ve thought about, but many others already offer great information on mindfulness, which can and should be applied to any creative endeavor. In particular I love and recommend “The Waking Up” course by Sam Harris – which is an app –

  3. Excellent! Thank you! ‘Love it! I’ve listened to it twice, and no doubt will again. ‘An excellent summary on the craft of landscape photography, not only on fundamental principles, but also particularly in this technology age and all its slick marketing of “the next solution to your shortcoming(s)”, be it hardware or software.

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