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I’m extremely honored and happy to announce that I will be teaching a 5-day workshop at the Maine Media Workshops and College this coming August.

“Exploring Visual Language: From Capture to Print” is all about learning and becoming fluent in the visual language of photography from the field all the way to the making of a final print. 

Understanding the underlying principles of composition and design is essential not only when deciding how to compose an image, but also how to interpret that image in post. Translating that into a print is the final stage where we learn how paper and image combine to create something distinct and tangible.

Nothing says more about your vision than a physical print, and this workshop will provide you with an overall approach to capture, edit, and print your work in a holistic mindset with confidence and vision. 

My friends at Canson Infinity will also be providing all of the paper for us to learn and experiment with.

if you have any questions about the workshop, please contact me here. 

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  1. This is fantastic, Robert! These sorts of opportunities are real affirmations of your whole philosophy, purpose, and craft that is the foundation of your creative artwork.
    Is this by chance, also going to be recorded and to be available to view at a later date (for an appropriate fee, of course)?

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