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I hope you, your family, and your friends are safe and healthy during this health crisis we’re facing. Fortunately, hiking alone is a safe activity, and the solitude is a wonderful way to reassess what truly matters in life: family, love, kindness, health, and generosity to others. Much of the rest is just noise.

Now is as good a time as ever to reconsider what you really want out of life, and pursue it with passion and commitment. Life is more fragile than we realize. 

I’m excited to announce the new Creative Critique—Live,  a weekly live webinar where I will critique and share ways to improve your images.

In addition to constructive feedback on composition and camera technique, I will also suggest a workflow for developing the image in Lightroom, including how to use the basic and advanced tools to interpret your images as creatively as possible. There will be Q+A as well.

While I’ve been planning this for a while, I’ve decided to accelerate it given our current predicament, and make it free for the next few months.

The live stream will take place every week and the next will be on Thur, April  9th, at 2pm EDT.  Register below to submit your image and gain access. I will also publish the replay video in case you can’t join us live. 


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  1. I have registered for the Live Critique Session on April 9th. Is it possible for me to submit an image for your review? Thanks
    Ron Lacy

  2. I have truly appreciated you providing this service that has later been published on YouTube. I have gained an enormous amount of insight that is improving my thinking on composition and added insight on some Lightroom procedures to enhance interest. Your timing on this is also appreciated in that most of us are staying home looking at how we can satisfy our photographic interest. Whole heartedly, big thanks!

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