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The weekly Creative Critique—Live continues this week with our 4th webinar this Thursday, April 23rd at 2pm EDT (New York).

So far it’s been very enjoyable to offer feedback and insights on submitted images and how best to interpret them in Adobe Lightroom. The response has been very positive, and I’m grateful for the trust and support of everyone who’s attended and submitted images.  

We’ve had some technical glitches along the way, including an aborted webinar last week which I rescheduled for last night and almost successfully completed before Youtube let us down about 72 minutes in. I’ve checked and re-checked my streaming setup, and I can’t identify anything mis-configured. 

My only guess is that Youtube is being overloaded during peak hours since we’re all quarantining because of Covid-19, and it’s putting huge strains on the internet. Hopefully this is a temporary situation, but understandable given the crisis. 

Anyhow, it should be less of an issue this Thursday since I’m starting at 2pm to give our European friends a chance to join us live before bedtime. 

Register for this free webinar here!

As usual, if you miss it live, there will be a replay link soon after. You can also watch all the past webinars on my Youtube channel.  

Podcast Interview

I was also recently interviewed on the Beaconites podcast which profiles people that live in Beacon, NY. While it’s not a photography podcast, I do talk about my childhood life, my music career, my transition to photograph, and the challenges and magic of photographing the Hudson Valley.

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