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Beginner’s Guide To Canson Infinity Paper

Beginner’s Guide to Canson Infinity Paper

If you’ve decided to try Canson Infinity fine art paper but aren’t sure where to start, this guide is for you. If you’re already using Canson paper, but want a better understanding of the characteristics and features of their papers, then this guide is also for you. My goal is to give you a basic and practical introduction to Canson’s…

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The Most Important Question You Can Ask

What is the most important question you can ask yourself as a photographer? There may be different questions depending on your circumstances, but in all cases, I believe they all lead back to the most fundamental question: “Why do you photograph?” It’s the most important question because it requires you to look inward rather than outward for the answer. It…

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Now Available: 2018 Nature Of Inspiration Wall Calendar

Now Available: 2018 Nature of Inspiration Wall Calendar

The 9" x 12"  2018 Nature of Inspiration Wall Calendar is available for pre-order from the store. As always, it features landscape images I made this year combined with my favorite inspirational quotes that I hope add a little inspiration to your day, month, and year. There is also a special print promotion together with the calendar for a limited time.…

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Five Things I’m Enjoying Right Now

Mind Five Min Journal Nothing has impacted my daily state of mind more than developing a sense of gratitude for all things. This is not a denial of the negative, but rather a focus on what’s positive. Studies have shown it improves health, happiness, and your overall outlook on life. While you can practice gratitude simply by noting what you’re…

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PhotoJournal: Fall Trees, Hudson Valley

Autumn is always an exciting time of year for nature photographers and I grab whatever opportunity I can to get out on the trails before it’s over. We don’t see especially vibrant colors here in the Hudson Valley, and that’s ok with me. While I love color, I think it’s easy to be seduced by color alone and disregard the…

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