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Photo Journal – Ice on the Hudson

I’ve written about photographing familiar locations many times, yet it remains a challenge for many, including myself. Novelty is, of course, one of the main reasons we think better photographs are available elsewhere, instead of in the same familiar places. I know the feeling well since I’ve been guilty of thinking the same thing. The excitement of visiting a new…

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Are You Fulfilling Your Creative Potential?

"I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of not trying." - Jay-Z There are many things not worth the disproportionate amount of time we give to them; news immediately comes to mind. Time invested in oneself, however, especially when that investment is in exploring your creative potential, pays dividends not only to ourselves, but to those around us, and even the world at…

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The Value of Discovery

Acadia National Park / Watercolor on paper We’re four weeks into 2018. Can you believe it? I started this blog in 2006 after a severe ankle injury left me couch ridden for three months. That seems like a distant memory now, and since then I’ve gone on to write nearly nine hundred blog posts and three books. I never thought…

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Introducing the Printmaker Masterclass

I’m extremely happy to announce that registration for my new online Printmaker Masterclass is now open. The course won’t be fully available until March 19th, 2018, but you can register now for some pre-launch promotions. More on that later. This is basically an online version of my very popular and intense 2-day printing workshop that I give in my studio…

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