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Your Questions Answered

Q. With today’s advances in enlarging or upsizing files, such as Photoshop’s new “Preserve-detail 2” option, do you need a full frame camera to get good quality prints as big as 40x60 inches? A. The question of how large a print you can make from a particular image file is mostly dependent on actual resolution—the size of the file in…

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The Power of Projects

In an era when we all have access to the same tools, techniques, and locations, standing out from the crowd is more difficult than ever. It means that you must rely on something unique, something personal and authentic to help you rise above the noise.  That “uniqueness” is your ability to express yourself in a creative manner regardless of what…

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The Undercurrent

"THERE ARE MANY CRAFTSMEN who paint pleasantly the surface appearances and are very clever at it. There are always a few who get at and feel the undercurrent, and these simply use the surface appearances selecting them and using them as tools to express the undercurrent, the real life. If I cannot feel an undercurrent then I see only a…

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