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PhotoJournal: Morning Light

My ongoing conservation work with Scenic Hudson is not only some of the most meaningful work I do, it's also the most creatively challenging. It puts me in difficult situations where I often have no idea how I'm going to capture an image or series of images that convey some essence of the location. On top of that, I'm often…

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Get Feedback On Your Images-Creative Critique Live Returns

I’m happy to announce that I will be hosting another Creative Critique—Live session this coming Monday, Aug 24th at 7:30pm EDT! As usual, I’ll be offering constructive feedback on your images as well as workflow ideas for developing your image as creatively as possible using the basic and advanced tools in Lightroom Classic. There will be Q+A as well! REGISTER…

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David Ward on Print Sharpness

You can almost always tell a photographer at an exhibition by their habit of “print sniffing”: they invariably stand incredibly close to any image to check how sharp it is. But they would do well to realize that no one ever stood in front of a photograph and wept just because it was sooooo incredibly sharp. David Ward

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Creative Critique-Live #07

The next and final livestream for the spring will be Mon, May 25th, at 8pm EDT. Everyone is welcome to register, but please do not re-submit  images as I am already swamped with beautiful pictures :) REGISTER HERE! If you have any questions you’d like me to address before the critiques, please leave them in the comments below. I also…

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Upcoming Creative Critique—Live #05

The weekly Creative Critique—Live continues this week with our 5th livestream this Thursday, April 30th at 8pm EDT (New York). Register for this free webinar here! Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with a link to upload your image for consideration. Please do not re-submit, and please only submit one image. I already have received hundreds, so…

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