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New Book: Insights From the Creative Path – Find Meaning, Fulfill Your Vision

I’m really excited to announce that my new book “Insights from the Creative Path: Find Meaning, Fulfill Your Vision” is finally out! It’s a continuation of my first book, Insights from Beyond the Lens, where I take you further along the creative journey I’ve experienced as a landscape photographer. While it does offer some technical information, it’s more about the why than…

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Book Preview: Insights from the Creative Path

I’m happy to announce that my new book “Insights from the Creative Path: Find Meaning, Fulfill Your Vision” will be launching on April 14th. It'll be available in multiple formats and hopefully as a hard copy in the near future. I'm really excited about this book and how it can help you become a better photographer and creative artist. A book is useless unless…

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What I’m Reading This Month

"A book is like a garden carried in the pocket." ~Chinese Proverb Part of keeping the creative juices flowing is being deliberate about cultivating creativity, which I’ve written about here at length before. While there are many ways to do this, one of my favorites is reading books and interesting blogs. Given how technology makes it so easy to read,…

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Storm King Mountain and the Environmental Movement

One of the driving forces behind my work as a landscape photographer is conservation and my commitment to the environment and nature in general. In a strange twist of fate (or just plain luck), my wife and I decided to settle down in Beacon, New York 17 years ago. What’s that have to do with conservation? My home is literally…

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Wesley Picotte Reviews My Digital Fine Art Printing Book

Photographer Wesley Picotte has published a review of my latest ebook, Digital Fine Art Printing, A Field Guide for Photographers, and I'm extremely grateful for this great opportunity. He certainly read the book cover to cover, and as a printer himself, has a great perspective from which to judge the concepts and techniques I present in the book. You can read…

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