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Some Favorite Quotes from Favorite Books

"Art is about life. To become a better artist, first and foremost become a better person — not in the moral sense, but rather in the complete sense. Remember that the greatest artist is not the one with the best technique, but the one with the most human heart." (Brooks Jensen, The Creative Life in Photography) "Expertise is not about…

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The Habit of Creativity

I recently received an email regarding my emphasis on creativity and suggesting that seeking creativity as a means to an end was unnecessary since we are all creative by nature. I thought it was an interesting perspective but needed some clarification about what I mean when I talk about creativity.  I totally agree that pursuing “creativity” as a means to…

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Exploring Visual Language: From Capture to Print

I’m extremely honored and happy to announce that I will be teaching a 5-day workshop at the Maine Media Workshops and College this coming August. “Exploring Visual Language: From Capture to Print” is all about learning and becoming fluent in the visual language of photography from the field all the way to the making of a final print.  Understanding the…

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