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My Thoughts on Mirrorless Cameras 2018

Can you weigh in on all of the hoopla on mirrorless cameras from a creative standpoint? In other words, will converting to mirrorless help a photographer improve their skills and creativity? While we regularly see small incremental improvements in camera technology all the time, every once in a while there are advances that change our perceptions of the tools and…

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The Photographers Dilemma or Opportunity?

A recent discussion I had with a friend brought into sharp focus some of the things I’ve been thinking about recently. Specifically, the way technology is fundamentally changing everything about how we make and share images. It’s also having a dramatic impact on our perceptions, sending many of us into denial. Let me elaborate. My friend and I were out…

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The Importance of Maximizing Your Creative Potential

One of the things I’ve heard over and over again from many of you is that you really enjoy the info and resources I share on creativity and personal growth in general. There’s lots of information out there on the technical aspects of photography, including gear, software, and technique, but much less when it comes to the creative challenges we…

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