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My Top Five Favorite Mac Applications

It’s no exaggeration to say that my 5K Retina iMac is the hub of my business, and to a large extent my creative life as well. But the applications I use are equally important in getting quality work done, so I choose them very carefully. In a recent workshop I was asked what some of those applications are, so I…

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Apps And Guides For Migrating From Aperture to Lightroom

In the short time since my last post about migrating from Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom, several new resources have emerged to make the switch even easier. First, there is now a dedicated app called Aperture Exporter than retains metadata like ratings and comments, project hierarchies, and image settings and adjustments. It's available on the app store for $14.99. Also,…

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More Reason to Choose Lightroom For Your Photography

With the demise of Apple’s Aperture, their pro level application for managing and editing images, several people have asked me about options and how to migrate their image libraries. There hasn’t been a huge demand for information however, because I think a majority of photographers have been using Lightroom for some time, and it was plain to see that while…

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