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PhotoJournal: Morning Light

My ongoing conservation work with Scenic Hudson is not only some of the most meaningful work I do, it's also the most creatively challenging. It puts me in difficult situations where I often have no idea how I'm going to capture an image or series of images that convey some essence of the location. On top of that, I'm often…

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PhotoJournal: Trees and Snow, Hudson Valley

If there's one lesson I've learned as a landscape photographer that proves its value over and over again, it's the idea that "ideal light" is independent of the actual time of day. That may strike you as a controversial statement. But what if you start with the premise that a successful image is fundamentally based on strong composition? Ideal light…

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PhotoJournal: Fall Panorama – Part 1

Olympus E-M1 Mk II, 1/120sec @f/4, ISO 400, no filters, 104mm The more I photograph, the more I realize that the greatest difference between a successful image and all the others is the elimination of everything that isn’t necessary. It’s more than just simplifying the composition, it’s a sense that every element in the frame is contributing to a unified…

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PhotoJournal: Summer Fog, Hudson Valley

One of the most challenging aspects of landscape photography are the variables that luck and chance play in your eventual experience. We can plan, prepare, and hope for ideal conditions on any outing, yet nothing is guaranteed. This variability can be disorienting for some, especially when there are strong expectations for some imagined ideal. We’d like blue skies with clouds,…

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