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The Beauty and Simplicity of Spring Trees

Trees can be so difficult and challenging to photograph, or at least photograph successfully. Usually this means creating a composition that gives the viewer a path through the image, and this path helps you share and convey what you found interesting. Every image should have a subject that is well-defined, and sometimes a story that goes with the subject. The…

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The Window, Great Smoky Mountain National Park

  In addition to amazing natural beauty and incredible landscapes, Great Smoky Mountain National Park also contains a rich history of culture dating back to  European settlers in the 1700's and Cherokee Native Americans before them. More than 1,200 land-owners had to leave their land once the park was established in 1934. They left behind many farm buildings, mills, schools, and…

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Shapes and Colors, Smoky Mountains

  Canon 1Ds Mk III, 1/1000 @f/8, ISO 200, 20mm The variety of shapes, colors, shades, textures, and subtlety in the Great Smoky Mountains is a goldmine for creative photography. Using a long lens - 120mm or longer - is a great way to simplify the landscape, and look for patterns and color relationships. I played with the composition in this…

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