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What’s In My Camera Bag

I’m winding down my vacation with a few days camping at Acadia National Park, and with the little time I have to be online, I figured I would answer a question I often receive—what’s in my camera bag. While most of you know camera gear is really not a focus of mine, it is still critically important to success as…

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Gura Gear Uinta Field Review

Earlier this year Gura Gear released the Uinta, a new backpack that differed from the innovative design of their other bags in several ways. As a member of the Gura Gear Pro Team, I got a chance to try the backpack as soon as it was released. However, rather than rush to write a review, I decided to live with…

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Storage Management on the Mac With DaisyDisk

I’m always on the lookout for great software that makes my life easier as a photographer and digital content creator. One application in particular that I really like is DaisyDisk, which I’ve written about before, but with the new release of version 3, is worth a revisit. This new version has lots of nice updates including faster performance, looks better…

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