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Introducing the Creative Critique Masterclass

Today I’m excited to finally offer what I think is a unique opportunity, the The Creative Critique Masterclass. It’s available at the new CreativePath Workshops website where I plan to add more workshops in the immediate future. The Creative Critique Masterclass addresses some of most common questions and challenges that many of you face today in your photography. They have…

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From Capture to Print Masterclass-Free Webinar Series

I’m happy to announce a new series of free webinars that I will be offering over the next few months. My goal is to share creative inspiration and practical recourses to help you continue to grow as a photographer. Based on feedback I’ve received from students, blog readers, and newsletter subscribers, I’m going to address the most common challenges that…

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Five Landscape Paintings to Study as a Landscape Photographer

There are lots of wonderful landscape photographers that have inspired me throughout my career. Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, Philip Hyde, David Muench, Galen Rowel - all iconic names that each and every aspiring nature photographer should become intimately familiar with. Their images continue to influence me to see and think about nature and the world around us. Whether through imitation or…

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