Insights from the Creative Path

Find Meaning, Explore Your Vision

Whether you’ve been traveling for a while or just getting started, the path of creativity starts in your heart and mind. The camera just goes along for the ride. 

Learn to trust your intuition and expand your photographic potential. 

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What People Are Saying:

  • Insights From the Creative Path has become a permanent member of my eBook collections on my iPhone because it has elicited in me those mental and heart-felt ideas that I wish to review and nurture, over and over again. - Rick Sovitzky Jr

  • This book has renewed my drive for spending time in nature and making photographs that connect emotionally with the viewer... - AE Jones

  • The volume is filled with his wonderful photographs illustrating the creative exercises he outlines for the reader. He includes pertinent quotes throughout with links to artists and thinkers providing not just one book but an e-shelf overflowing with information, ideas and inspiration. Read the book, do the exercises you’ll be a better photographer. - Mariann Moery

What's Inside The Book

Are you looking for more than just great looking pictures? 
Is the endless pursuit of gear and praise leaving you less then motivated to find your creative path as a visual artist? Do you even think of yourself as more than just a picture taker? 

This book is an exploration of passion and personal vision in my journey as a landscape photographer. It’s also a manifesto of sorts to think beyond fear and doubt, and discover your voice. As a profesisonal music producer for 10 years, and now a successful nature photographer for over a decade, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of pursuing a creative life. 
I’ve also learned that what matters is your story, your vision, and little else. 

This is not a technical book, but rather a guide to finding the inspiration to make personal images.

About The Author

Robert Rodriguez Jr is a landscape photographer, teacher, and author focused on conveying the beauty and presence he experiences in nature. His images have appeared in the NY Times, and his photography is featured extensively by Scenic Hudson, a non-profit organization dedicated to land and nature preservation in the Hudson Valley.
Robert owns and operates Beyond the Lens Workshops, which offers photography and creativity workshops. He’s also a regular speaker at the B&H Photo Event Space in NYC - watch his latest presentations on Youtube
Robert is also a Canson Infinity ambassador, Gura Gear Pro Team member, and teaches printing workshops at his studio in Beacon, NY. 

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