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Digital Fine Art Printing Masterclass

5.0 (54 reviews)


Dates Available: Nov 13-14, 2021 / 2-Day Workshop
Base: Beacon, NY
Max Students: 4 (If your selection is sold out, join our waiting list.)
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**IMPORTANT: Vaccination and masks in class are required to attend.**

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Join me on this two-day intensive workshop focused on the art and craft of digital printmaking. While I cover every aspect of printing in-depth, this workshop is designed to take the complexity and frustration out of printing, whether you’re just getting started or want to take your printing skills further. Printing your own work is a rich and rewarding experience that adds to your creative potential. Learn how to craft an expressive print that conveys your vision as a photographer and visual artist.

Workshop Overview

Limited to just four students for maximum one-to-one attention, the first half of the workshop focuses on important concepts and techniques for the modern printmaker. In the second half, we’ll put it all into practice with two of your images. We’ll work on making your images come to life, from processing to final print, and transform your digital files into something you can hold and touch, something to be proud of. The workshop takes place in my private print studio in Beacon, NY for a total hands-on learning experience. Current equipment includes Epson P800, Canon Pro-1,  and Canon ipf8400 professional printers, and the very best paper made by Canson Infinity. You’ll also receive a hard copy workbook with summaries of the information I cover in class, plus space to annotate and take your own notes. 

Inside the Masterclass

You will not find another printing workshop like this one. The Fine Art Printing  Masterclass covers the art of making prints from capture to print. I take you behind the scenes explaining how to capture images for print, as well as sharing a consistent workflow that produces the best results from your printer. I also share insights on selling and marketing your prints, and we explore many different types of presentation options.

Color Management

Learn the basics of digital color management and how to create and maintain a color managed workflow for consistent print results.

Lightroom Workflow

Learn how to harness the creative power of the Develop module for superior prints, plus basic and advanced uses of the Print module.

The Art of Paper Selection

We’ll explore all aspects of fine art paper and how too choose a paper based on personal vision, subject matter, and your overall artistic goals.

Hardware and Software

We’ll cover the latest inkjet printers on the market and how to choose one, and how to get the most out of your printer and image editing software.

Soft Proofing

We’ll cover soft-proofing in Lightroom and how to make adjustments to your image and create print specific files for optimum print quality.

Free Canson Infinity Discover Pack

Receive a free Canson Infinity Discovery pack containing 8.5″ x 11″ samples of Canson’s best fine art papers.

Aesthetics of Printing

We’ll explore the technical and aesthetic factors that make the difference between a mere good print and a museum quality fine art print.

Basic Matting & Framing

I’ll demonstrate the basic techniques in gallery quality mating and framing, as well as recommended materials and tools.

Bonus Online Videos

Life-time access to Enjoy extra bonus videos with additional in-depth examples of advanced image developing in Lightroom, monitor calibration, paper evaluations, tools and accessories, and ideas on marketing your work.

Skill Level

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to develop a strong foundation in all aspects of digital printing. If you want to perfect the ability to consistently produce prints you are proud of and reflect your vision for an image, this masterclass is designed for you. A basic understanding of Lightroom and a laptop computer are highly recommended. If you have any questions, please contact me for specific information.

Lodging and Meals

A hearty lunch, plus refreshments including coffee, tea, and water will be served on both days of the workshop. Lodging and extra meals are not included in the tuition. Here are some recommended lodging options.

About Robert

I’ve printed all of my own exhibition prints for the past eight years, and have exhibited them in many galleries and art fairs.. I print my own work in order to exercise the maximum amount of creative control. I love the idea of working with something I can touch and feel, something that adds an extra depth and dimension to what I capture, and I’m passionate about sharing that with others. I’m the author of “Digital Fine Art Printing – Field Guide for Photographers.” I’m also a Canson Infinity ambassador, a select group of international artists that uphold and exemplify the Canson heritage of paper making since 1557.


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Sep 21-22

54 reviews for Digital Fine Art Printing Masterclass

  1. Charles

    Class is worth every penny! I thought I knew lightroom, and how it worked with the printer, but the insights have already improved my prints

  2. Conrad Tinney

    Money and time well spent ! The class size was perfect, and the subject matter was handled extremely well. You didn’t have to be a techno-geek to understand what was being taught . Robert is an excellent instructor, I really like his style. He is a passionate artist, and has influenced me personally and I am no longer fearful of printing images.

    I now know why his workshops sell out so rapidly.

    Thank you Robert

  3. Albert Glazier

    I would highly recommend this workshop for someone who has had some limited experience with printing and would like to attain a higher level of finished print. Printers, papers, ICC profiles, are all covered in some detail. A basic understanding of Lightroom is helpful, since most image adjustments and printing are made here. This workshop convinced me that a good print is essential for a true representation of the artists work.

  4. Alan

    I am so glad that I took this class. It was extremely well organized and Robert is a great instructor. All the technical basics are covered in an easy to understand format. I thought the real value was in learning some of the nuances in the relationship between image and paper and watching how he brought out the best in each of the students work. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has some basic printing experience and wants to take their work to the next level.

  5. Warren

    I have taken several photography-related courses at various schools in and around New York City. Robert’s printing class was the best. Nine hours of well-organized, well-presented, and highly informative discussion. His demonstration of the use of Lightroom for development and printing was outstanding and I found it an inspiration to keep plugging away at photography. Worthwhile for both aspiring professionals and hobbyists.

  6. Bill Gordon

    I just completed Robert’s Fine Art Printing workshop. I had been to a couple of his presentations at B&H and had come to appreciate his teaching style and way with people. Since I was a little frustrated with my Epson and the Lightroom print module, I thought I would give the workshop a go. It was well worth it; he covers printing from soup to nuts and you walk away with many new skills and resources. I am working on some of the new local adjustment techniques I learned and his workflow advice eliminated my printer frustration. Watching Robert edit one of my images was a great experience and the small class size (5) allows much individual attention. I plan to take a shooting workshop with Robert in the near future.

  7. Julie Stauffer

    Robert’s printing class was an excellent opportunity to understand the intricacies of Lightroom’s printing module, icc profiles, considerations for choice of paper, and final product. . His workshop was organized and had a wonderful sense of flow from start to finish. There was plenty of time for questions and he kept us all on task. So much more to know about Lightroom, but this was all about printing. After a lovely lunch, he demonstrated printing on the individual files we had brought. Each image became a better one as Robert worked through the various steps in Lightroom and some Photoshop. Would definitely recommend this to anyone working in Lightroom who wants to understand the nuances of printing a better image. Thank you Robert.


    ROBERT ,
    I would very much look forward to attending one of your printing workshops but being a Sabbath observer Saturdays are not possible for me , do you plan to have any Sunday workshops or do you do and private tutorials that would be possible during the week or Sunday?
    Your thoughtfulness is always much appreciated

    • RR Jr

      Apologies Max, unfortunately the only days that work for me are Saturdays…for the time being I do not offer private workshops.


  9. Sorin Capota

    I knew Robert’s teaching style from B&H where I had previously attended few of his seminars. His clear and thorough style of teaching makes any subject a breeze to understand. This workshop was no exception. He explains the whole process of printing from selecting the paper and the Lightroom Print module to the tools and techniques used for framing and matting the prints. The next day he emailed all of us a comprehensive list of Fine Art Printing Resources used and mentioned during the workshop – “Software/Hardware/Hardware/Color Management”, ” Hardware and Framing Materials” , ”Material Supplies” and a list of “Additional Downloads and Resources”. At the end of the class you will have a solid starting point to begin printing your own prints. In addition, he used one picture from each student to show us few Lightroom techniques (this was an extra bonus because this is not a Lightroom class). After editing he printed them on Canson paper. I couldn’t believe the difference between what we brought in and what we took back home… The bottom line – the workshop is worth every penny.

  10. George Yetka

    I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your printing work shop last week. The amount of information you covered was enormous and the day went by too quickly. My printing is already improving. I really appreciated the follow up email with all the reference material so i can review what i learned from time to time. I look forward to taking future workshops.

  11. Craig Johnson

    Because of my training in classical arts — pen, pencil, watercolor, oils, etc. — I believe a photograph becomes “art” only after it’s printed on paper, canvas, or something similar. Only then can we contemplate or appreciate the image we’ve created (or let others do so). During the workshop, Robert guides students through every step of the process of producing art from digital images. He approaches the workshop like a master in a studio for the classical arts, covering every step of the process from image capture to the printed image. He provides insights you only get from someone with hard-won experience, deep understanding, and passion for his subject. And the beauty of the images that grace the walls of his studio are constant inspiration. I left the workshop with renewed passion for photography, an understanding of how to produce printed images that exhibit my photographic vision, and a 11×17 inch print of one of my photographs that surpassed anything I’ve ever received from the custom photo labs I’ve worked with.

  12. Annette Nieves

    I recently attended the Feb 2015 Fine Art Printing workshop. I have to say it was an amazing experience. The class was intimate for one on one attention. The class was a full day with a great flow and a wealth of information. Robert has a great style for communication. Roberts passion for photography goes beyond the shutter, it extends into teaching and sharing his experiences and knowledge with others, . This workshop is the perfect example, that to truly come full circle in this craft you must understand printing .. Thank you Robert !

  13. Mike Credo

    Being a Alumni of Roberts workshops I knew that the first thing that needed to be done after buying my Pro-1 printer was to take this workshop. Roberts passion for not only photography but also printing shines through in his teaching. In my opinion this workshop is a steal, the amount of information you learn is unbelievable, and worth every penny!! Thank you Robert for a great day!!

  14. Ronnie Farley

    I have always walked away from Robert’s workshops with a treasure trove of information. He explains everything in very basic terms so one can leave there feeling confident about applying it to their own work. As a professional, Robert’s workshops have helped me keep up with the technology, and inspired me to push beyond my comfort zone to get the results I want.


    I attended Robert’s August 8th 2015 workshop, and it was so much more than I expected. I love seeing my work printed, and two years ago started down the path to trying to understand the print process. Several books later, along with the help of youtube, I was able to produce some prints. I thought taken Robert’s workshop would add to my new found knowledge. It certainly did this, but went way beyond anything I expected. First I realized how little I really did know or understand. Robert answered questions that I hadn’t even thought of. He explained technology and process that was difficult for me to glean from my readings. An added caveat to this class is to sit with Robert as he works through our images in Lightroom and explains some of the development process and what we can do to enhance our work. The class was really wonderful. Even if you think you understand the print process you should take this workshop. It’s an inspiration being around Robert and I would love to this him add more workshops like this to his schedule.

  16. Edison Wong

    Most attention now-a-days is about screens, and the digital age has made it so simple to display your photos. Albeit fleeting. Left behind on the wayside is the physical existence of any creation. We can shutter thousands of images onto a single memory card, but these are mere memories, and flipping through so many on a 9in screen can be almost meaningless.
    I believe until an image is given physical form, there’s yet to be a creation. To achieve this, you’d need to enter a whole new world of some complexity: image processing and printing. By happenstance I started printing about 3 months ago and quickly realized I needed a whole lot more than just a good printer and my way around Adobe LR.
    Robert’s workshop in Fine Art Printing was exactly what I needed. He took us through all the critical aspects in image processing and printing, including equipments and selection of paper and types of media. The group was small which offered everyone great opportunity to interact. The venue was Robert’s studio, a perfect setting for first hand experience of the entire workflow. Anyone serious about moving to the next world of photography, this is an incredibly workshop. Most of all, taking this short walk with Robert Rodriguez Jr., through the journey of photography, was indeed an inspirational experience.

  17. Gareth Williams

    I attended the August 15th Digital Fine Art Printing Workshop. I have managed to produce fairly decent prints using LightRoom 5 on my Epson 3880 printer but knew they needed that finishing touch. I could have continued to read the books, experiment, print, read some more, experiment some more, keep on printing etc. – but that takes a lot of time and is costly in ink and paper. I decided to take this workshop hoping to learn those finishing techniques and tips – and I did. Robert showed how a few subtle changes can turn that average print in to one to be proud of.

    I was also curious to see how my image would print on Canson paper. I much prefer the way my particular Black & White print on Canson Platine Fiber Rag turned out over those I’ve produced on Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper. So, that was a bonus I wasn’t expecting.

    Yet another bonus, free with the workshop, is Robert’s digital book “Digital Fine Art Printing-Field Guide for Photographers”. It follows a logical progression, in understandable language, through the whole capture to print process and is filled with useful resources. This should be read regardless of attending his workshop or not.

    It was a pleasure to meet Robert. He’s a genuinely decent guy and a great teacher. His studio is a comfortable and functional learning environment and his workshop was great value in my opinion.

  18. Judy Josephson

    Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the Printing Workshop. You are a talented teacher. Your workshop was well organized, while still being relaxed and personal. Your grasp of the subject matter is awesome. My husband and I had the privilege of attending your Moab workshop and both of my experiences were terrific. I think you encourage each of your students to be the best photographer that they can be. Each of us comes to photography with a unique perspective and interest. You never try to impose your preferences rather you give us the tools we need to pursue our goals. I was so surprised to see that in Moab we all took pictures of the same spectacular National Park but all our pictures were so different. And at the printing workshop we each brought pictures taken and they too were very different. Yet you showed all of us how to use the tools in Lightroom to make them better. Thanks again.

  19. Linda Hacker

    I had attended Robert’s Printing talk at B&H event space so I knew Robert was an excellent, organized teacher. My expectations for his full day, hands on printing workshop were high and were fully met. It was a great day taking the class through all aspects of printing, including equipment, color management, some key Lightroom adjustments and the printing module. I found the portion about things to think about in picking a paper for printing particularly helpful. Robert also included some ideas on how to share and display printed photos. Robert is an excellent teacher. He has obviously given a lot of thought on how to present, what for me, has been a confusing, somewhat intimidating topic. The class size is small leaving lots of room for questions. He took us through printing a photo from each of the class allowing us to see the whole process through 5 times which really helped solidify the information he had presented. Now two weeks after the class, I find I am printing my photos with a new confidence. I highly recommend this workshop.


    I just attended the workshop on December 5th and I am very happy with I have learned. Robert is a very accomplished photographer and he also has mastered (and enjoys) the art of teaching. We were 5 students and very enthusiastic and eager to learn. He was able to explain to us in significant amount of detail what is important to know from the moment we pick up the camera to the end of the printing process. In my case I was able to understand the importance of light in my office in order to make better prints. I applied that the same night at home and the prints started to come better right away. He is a terrific educator and will be looking forward for future workshops in the future.

  21. Christine Norton

    I have just returned to Trinidad from Robert’s Digital FineArt Printing Masterclass. Tremendous learning! This was a truly well-organized and enlightening class for someone who wants to get fine art printing right. Robert is extremely generous with his information and his resources in general. He is totally engaging and enthusiastic about the art of photography and specifically the printing learning curve. He goes through excellent detail in explaining paper types and choices, printing set ups and calibration of equipment and through repetition of a few basic functions I felt that in the two days I was able to climb a few notches in my printing ability. I observed Robert’s work and that of other participants to appreciate how light can be used to enhance fine art photography. Robert is not pompous! He is a great professional educator and facilitator and I love the way he has managed, through his own dedication, to tackle everything from photographing his work to framing and mounting. I highly recommend this course. Before I end this note however, let me add that the class was even more enhanced by the great hospitality of Robert’s wife and family who ensured that we remained healthy and fully satisfied for the workshop days. I thank them all for this experience.

  22. Virginia Kolstad

    If you are interested in printing your own work, this is an excellent class. Robert walks you through the whole process carefully explaining the concepts and the techniques. He is an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable. Whether a novice printer or an old hand, you will not come away without developing a more in depth understanding of printing in general and printing on fine art papers specifically. I highly recommend this course.

  23. Jorge Monteagudo

    I just completed Robert’s Digital fine art printing class and it was excellent!! Highly recommend it. As a long time Black and White film photographer and student at ICP in NYC, I wanted to explore Color Digital Photography, but more importantly, fine art printing. I feel that the ultimate goal is printing one’s own work, feeling it in your hands and sharing it with others. Robert just broke everything down, he is incredible, very patient and detailed oriented. There is no doubt about it, if you want to learn how to print digital images, in a fine art manner, Robert is the person to go to. I really enjoyed the class, it was small and intimate and he fosters a constructive environment, there is plenty of time for questions and he will also show you wonderful examples of what can be accomplished by showing you his own work, which that alone is worth the trip out to Beacon. Thank you Robert! And keep on doing what you do! And thank you to your family for being such great hosts.

  24. Conrad Tinney

    I came back for the for the all new 2016 Robert Rodriguez “Two Day Print Workshop”.
    Enlightening, thought provoking, inspiring, and just down right enjoyable.
    If this workshop offer is reopened, sign-up!

  25. Lawrence

    The print workshop was everything I expected and more. Robert is a passionate artist who is able to share his passion in an inspiring way. His teaching is thorough and his ideas compelling. While he is a professional, I never got the idea that he teaches for the money. It was always about sharing his expertise in an understandable manner so that his students could apply his knowledge in their enjoyment of photography. I knew, after only a few hours the first day, that it was well worth the cost and my long drive to attend. Larry I’Anson April 15, 2016

  26. Wanda

    I attended the June 2016 workshop in Beacon. This class is a gift you should give yourself. Robert’s teaching style is approachable, articulate, constructive and thoughtful. He shows you how to get the best out of the photographs you have taken, working with each student’s vision of what they want to achieve. I was learning every minute, seeing new perspectives in my photographs, and just amazed at how much I got out of it. This is truly a master class in post-processing and printing. I only wish there were more than 5 stars to give it. Thank you Robert!

  27. Martha V.

    This class was truly fantastic. Robert takes his time to explain the different aspects of the printing process, starting with paper choice and why you would choose one over the other and how it can enhance your photo. He discusses printer options and then illustrates how to post-process in Lightroom. The class size is perfect for his studio which in itself inspires me to follow my dreams of fine art photography. Robert is a natural educator and his passion for photography, education and his ability to inspire you to get out there and make art is truly worth making time to take this class. I highly recommend this printing masterclass!

  28. Jen Breitenstein

    Robert’s Master Printing Class was terrific in content, communication, timespan, and energy. His method of explaining his work step by step while working with student files provided sequential, differentiated, and personalized instruction without interruption. He showed respect for every participant’s learning level and shooting style, while holding a very high caliber of printing standard. This was one of the best workshops I have taken, so i highly recommend it.

  29. Robert

    What a wonderful experience to spend two days with Robert and observe his print making process first hand. The coverage of the subject is complete and very well presented. My favorite part of the class was watching Robert as he made technical and aesthetic adjustments to the images provided by the students then printed the results. What a great feeling to see my printed images in high resolution with accurate color. The results were fantastic. When you consider the hours of frustration, wasted paper and ink that can be part of learning to print by trial and error, this class is a great value.

  30. mark3

    An exceptional teacher who helps you consider many aspects of a topic in order to not only learn the details but also form your own opinions. I’m sure this won’t be the last class I take from Robert. Well done!

  31. Scott K

    Robert has a passion for photography and teaching and a heart for people. Our Fine Art Printing Masterclass workshop had students at different levels of development and we all were inspired and given the tools and education to become fine art printers. The class is small so everyone received individual attention. Robert’s high energy and enthusiasm made the time fly by. I have attended other photography workshops and this one was the best. He delivered what he promised and we had fun doing it. There is no substitute for holding paper and seeing prints in person. I never realized that there is an art to choosing the correct paper for a particular image and for bringing out the artists personal vision for the story he is telling in that image. Loved it!

  32. cecilhains

    As an Admirer of Roberts work, I finally took a class with him. The master printing class. Robert is extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic. You will learn so much it’s hard to take it all in. But no worries because Robert will gladly email the answers to any questions you may have afterward. Besides being a great photographer Robert wants to truly help you become a better photographer. Can’t wait to take a class out in the field with him.

  33. Jorge Monteagudo

    This is my second time taking Robert’s Fine Art Printing Class, and it was worth every penny! There are so many things to say about it, but let me first start by saying that this is more than just a class on how to use Light room, although I love that part of it and you will learn Light Room. Robert takes you on a printing journey by discussing all aspects of fine art printing and presentation. I feel this class is for those that want to take their photography to the next level, meaning beyond just looking at images on your screen. I think in today’s world what separates a good photographer from a great photographer is the print, that final expression that you can actually touch, and relate to in ways that a screen alone cannot offer. I love the range of topics that he covers, and for those interested in a good, solid intro to framing, he covers that too! What other printing workshop does all this, not many that I know of and I have taken numerous workshops all across the country. This one is special. Robert is an incredible teacher, and fosters discussion and projects a level of enthusiasm that is contagious. I highly recommend this class whether you are just beginning or on your way to that next step.

  34. Margaret Ramirez

    This was my 2nd workshop with Robert. I first took the class in 2016 and left inspired to take my images to a new level. This workshop will offer you the ability to analyze your work and determine how the “finish print” could heighten the overall experience of your image. In this workshop I was able to learn the importance of organization as Robert does dedicate time to understanding workflow. You will also learn how to effectively edit your images and choose a print medium that is most suitable for your picture. Personally I have attended many classes and workshop in my years doing photography and if I may share, Robert’s class is unique, as it allows your images to leave your computer and come to life. I highly recommend this workshop, you will leave inspired and with a wealth of information.

  35. Bruce

    The workshop is excellent. I learned much more about Lightroom, proper image processing, printing and paper selection than I hoped. If you are at all interested in printing and presenting your photos as art I highly recommend this workshop. It is a very busy 2 days, but worth every minute.

  36. Jerry

    The workshop was a great experience. Not only were the printmaking topics covered in a thorough, clear, and well-organized manner, I feel I got “bonus” lessons in creativity and inspiration. Highly recommended.

  37. joannedoyle

    Joanne – June 30, 2017
    I recently took Robert’s Digital Fine Art Printer Masterclass. I’ve taken webinars, watched youtube and read Robert’s blog; all which are informative and a real learning experience. However, having the opportunity to spend two full days learning the craft of printing, listening/watching Robert work through photos in LR was truly an in-depth educational experience. He covered all aspects of printing, including sharing his vision and workflow in LR. I feel I left with so much more than expected. Great teachers love their subject deeply and as a student I got to take a bit of that away with me. I highly recommend this class.

  38. Cheryl Aden

    Robert’s Fine Art Printing Masterclass was fabulous! He covered so much in just two days. I really appreciated his technical advice and suggestions in all areas. But what was most meaningful for me was the way he talked about photography as an art form, displaying his deep respect and passion for it. He conveys that respect, and joy, through every aspect of his teaching, sharing his artistic aesthetic as he creates and evaluates images. I know I will be reflecting on what I learned for a long time.

  39. morgancole

    This was an excellent experience. Robert is a great instructor, and the topics covered were very valuable. From properly editing photos, to paper selection, to color management, and even presentation, it was a well rounded class. I highly recommend anyone to take this course.

  40. Anthony Mulea

    Robert really gives a great informative workshop. He is such a teacher of his craft. His presentation skills were the best. The walk through of each person’s photo from start to finish was invaluable. So much was learned through this process. Class size was perfect. He had both Epson and Canon printers. He shows you some of the tools of the trade. It was just an awesome course, well worth it.

  41. craig.marshfield

    The Printing Masterclass exceeded my expectations. When I returned home I immediately opened Lightroom and using techniques acquired printed a great image I had made in Yosemite. When you have a professional like Robert guide you it makes all the difference. The unexpected learning for me was linking the ‘art’ with the mechanics. I am a believer now that without the visual art, the best camera, software, and printer are essentially useless in making a fine print.

  42. Robert Martin

    If you are looking to take your printing skills to the next level, this workshop is for you. Great presentation of material by Robert; a perfect blend of technique and artistry. I left the weekend with a solid sense of direction for trying out the range of printing papers used in the workshop. It is also very satisfying to spend a weekend with a small group of people who are passionate about photography.

  43. dekaplan

    Sometime in the middle of the afternoon of the first day I realized how little I knew about getting the most out of Lightroom and my printer and paper selection. Robert brought it all together in a comprehensive and easily understandable way. It was clear from the start that Robert loves to teach and I totally enjoyed the class.

  44. Leslie Pestaina

    Given the expense associated with making fine art prints, I’ve been very tentative about using my printer, due to minimal satisfaction with the results and not having a firm understanding of how best to realize my vision in my prints. After attending this class, my apprehension is gone and I’m excited to pursue print making (and my photography) with new found passion. Robert goes beyond explaining the mechanics of getting a print from screen to paper, he shares his insights into the artistic consideration that goes into making a print. The small class size fosters a convivial experience, shared by people with a similar passion. Robert’s presenting style is engaging and lively; his pacing was spot on. I plan to attend his other classes/workshops.

  45. Bruce Berlin

    I though I knew how to print a digital image, but within a few hours I was aware of how much more there was to learn. As a teacher Robert exceeded all my expectations. He explains not only the technical aspects of producing a fine art print, but also the artistic issues that must accompany the printmaking effort. His teaching style is excellent, there’s never a “dumb question” and he always makes sure that you understand a concept before he moves on. The small class size is fantastic (my class was a great group of 4), and the studio facilities top-notch. Highly recommended!!

  46. Joel Bateman

    I took Robert’s Fine Art Printing Masterclass in late Feb. 2018. It was two days of solid work which covered from processing the print to printing it. Robert also covered all the various things he uses and/or recommends for making a good print. I love photography and have had a printer that is capable of good prints for some time but have never been able to make prints without ending up frustrated. The result of this is that I really gave up printing for the most part. Robert’s class has given me a new outlook and capability in printing and I look forward to being able to put what I learned in action on my printer. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to do fine art printing.

  47. Scott Jahnke

    I also took the class a few weeks ago. As photographers of varying skill levels, we search for ways to improve our work. Discovering new ways to look at light, forms, textures, and color. Appreciating what pi ratios, Fibonacci spirals, symmetry and dynamic asymmetry are, to begin with, how to apply them, and when to break the rules. How to look at your object and “see” the potential compelling photos. Some of us are more instinctive with this than others but we all seek to improve. But to what end? To view it on a monitor? To show your family and friends them on your cell phone or iPad? Do you really take the time to appreciate how good a few of those might actually be?

    This class takes you to the next step. Robert shows you how to unleash the beauty captured on your digital sensor. He shows you why what you capture on your sensor may not be at all what you actually saw and how to recover it. In working with the participant’s images in LR, he shows us his approach to editing photos along with many, many helpful tools in editing in LR and how to use them (or in my case, how not to use them). Unless you have extensive LR knowledge, you WILL learn useful tricks in editing. Then finally, Robert takes you through the huge difference choosing your printing substrate has on enhancing your print and the characteristics of each. Holding your image in your hand printed on high-quality paper in comparison to less expensive RC paper you might be using at home was a mind-blowing difference.

    Thanks Robert for an outstanding job! I’m looking forward to learning more tips from his upcoming video series on printing as well. After taking this class, I’m sure that will be outstanding as well.

  48. denko.imaging

    Robert has very vast and in-depth knowledge of printmaking craft. And this is a unique opportunity to learn from him. His fine art printing class is very educational.

  49. Saman Majd

    Robert is an excellent teacher — articulate, well organized, and knowledgeable. I learned much more than I expected and left feeling empowered to apply what I’d learned. I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in improving their Lightroom processing and printing skills.

  50. jessomers

    This was a fantastic workshop! I learned so much and really appreciated Robert’s style of teaching. He took complex and dense information and put it in simple organized terms without diluting any of the info. I feel much more prepared to move forward with digital printing in both my teaching and personal practice.

  51. Irene Del Pino

    Robert is a great and inspiring Landscape Photographer, and just seeing how he works and composes is a treat. I also learned a lot about printing, and although I use Lightroom mostly for basic adjustments and then edit in Photoshop, I found things that are just as efficient (and easier) in Lightroom thanks to his mastery. He has a really easy, conversational style of teaching, and the reduced number of attendants helps to get individualised attention and speeds up learning. A wonderful workshop which I would recommend to anyone. It has been a privilege to get to know Robert and work with him.

  52. Chris Neyen

    Robert is a giving instructor who is a true believer in sharing the sharing of knowledge. I found the two day workshop to be straightforward, well thought out, and packed with information. Robert took the time to address any questions and dealt with whatever we threw at him in a professional manner.

  53. Justine Carson

    Robert’s Fine Art Printing workshop was a great experience for me. I’ve done printing previously but had encountered some hurdles and needed some help to get past them. He answered all my questions and provided excellent information on papers and other resources for people who love to print their images. Well organized and engaging teaching style. I highly recommend his workshop.

  54. Jeff

    I’ve had the privilege to attend a number of Robert’s field workshops, and now in January, 2020, the Fine Art Printing Master Class. All of these have in common an experience that’s highly concentrated (no fluff) and provides excellent value for the cost involved. I came to the class with some prior, disappointing experience with printing on both all-in-one and dedicated photo printers. My hopes were to learn both the technical and aesthetic fundamentals behind making good prints. I was not disappointed. Robert clearly knows his craft in depth, and his eagerness to share that knowledge is, in a word, delightful. Highly recommended.

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