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Extracting the Landscape

"It's very important to know what to leave out, thereby emphasizing what remains" - Tony Bennett I came across this quote by the great singer recently, and it stuck with me as I hiked along Negro Bill Canyon in Moab, Utah a few weeks ago. It’s an amazingly beautiful canyon with a flowing creek, lush vegetation, and varnished stained rock…

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Are Rules Limiting Your Work?

Water Light - Canon 1DS Mk III, 1/1000 @f/8, 200mm, ISO 400 Rules, rules, rules. It seems like everywhere you turn these days there are rules. Rules to keep us safe, rules on running a business, rules for being a good parent, rules for being a “normal” member of society, and finally rules for making good images or a successful photograph.…

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The Search for Intimate Landscapes

Tundra, Rock Mtn NP As I continue to study painting and all of the profound things it can teach us as photographers, I find myself more often looking beyond the obvious compositions, and more towards the smaller details. Whether we call them abstracts, extracts (as Ansel Adams preferred), or intimate landscapes (my favorite), the idea is the same. We focus…

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