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PhotoJournal: Summer Fog, Hudson Valley

One of the most challenging aspects of landscape photography are the variables that luck and chance play in your eventual experience. We can plan, prepare, and hope for ideal conditions on any outing, yet nothing is guaranteed. This variability can be disorienting for some, especially when there are strong expectations for some imagined ideal. We’d like blue skies with clouds,…

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PhotoJournal: Desert Lines, Arches National Park

Olympus E-M1 Mk II, 1/100 sec @f/8, ISO 200, 24mm, no filters If I had to compare my approach in landscape photography to another art form, the one that immediately comes to mind is jazz, and specifically jazz improvisation. That’s no surprise considering it’s what I listened to most as a teenager and studied in my four years at the…

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Photo Journal – Ice on the Hudson

I’ve written about photographing familiar locations many times, yet it remains a challenge for many, including myself. Novelty is, of course, one of the main reasons we think better photographs are available elsewhere, instead of in the same familiar places. I know the feeling well since I’ve been guilty of thinking the same thing. The excitement of visiting a new…

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