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The Four Principles of Fine-Art Paper Selection

One of the most important questions you will ask yourself as you either start or continue to print your work is “what paper do I choose?” This question will never go away, but with practice and a creative approach becomes easier to answer. In fact I’d say it’s the question I look forward to the most in my printing workflow.…

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Come Visit Me At PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2018 in NYC

PhotoPlus Expo 2018 is coming up next week, and I’m happy to announce I’ll be at the Canson Infinity booth as a guest artist for all three days of the expo. As many of you know I did not attend last year, but I’m happy to be back answering questions about my favorite fine art paper. Come by and say…

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PhotoJournal: Summer Fog, Hudson Valley

One of the most challenging aspects of landscape photography are the variables that luck and chance play in your eventual experience. We can plan, prepare, and hope for ideal conditions on any outing, yet nothing is guaranteed. This variability can be disorienting for some, especially when there are strong expectations for some imagined ideal. We’d like blue skies with clouds,…

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