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Exploring Negative Space in Landscape Photography

One of the key ingredients of successful photography, and one that still lies exclusively within the control of the photographer, is strong composition. In landscape and nature photography composition is more important than ever as technology makes capturing properly exposed images easier and easier. But how you frame a scene and decide what to include or exclude is still the domain…

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October 2012 Free Desktop Wallpaper

The October 2012 Free Desktop Wallpaper is now available for download. The Catskill Mountains area of New York has inspired countless generations of artists from the 1800's until now. While Kaaterskill Falls is spectacular, I was particularly drawn to the color and texture of the creek bed which lies just downstream of the famous waterfall. As always, come closer to…

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Intimate landscapes in the Catskill Mountains

I spent the weekend in the Catskill Mountains, visiting many of the same scenes and locations made famous in the middle of the nineteenth century by the painters of the Hudson River School. Painters such as Thomas Cole, Asher B. Durand, Federic Church, and Albert Bierstadt drew inspiration from this popular region, and their landscape paintings depicteing the beauty of…

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