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Photos of the Day – Adirondacks

"Heron Marsh Trail" Canon 1Ds Mk III, 1/4 sec @f/14, ISO 400, 17mm (EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II) CREATIVE NOTES "Heron Marsh": This image was pretty straight forward from a technical standpoint, and a good example where any mode except manual fails miserably to make a proper exposure. A careful balance between shadows and highlights is crucial in terms of conveying…

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Photography Is Alive And Strong

I thought I would make a quick mention of a great post by the guys over at the Digital Photo Experience (a great blog btw) about recent articles in the media proclaiming the death of photography. I meant to write about this a few weeks ago after the NY Times wrote a prominent piece on how the future for pro…

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How I Choose Papers To Make the Perfect Print

Ansel Adams once said "the negative is the score, and the print is the performance", and for me, the print is what drives my motivation and all of my creative efforts as a landscape photographer. I love this quote because it really captures my thinking process, especially coming from a music background where everything I did was focused on producing…

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Adirondack Moments – Part I

I recently spent 5 days with my wife and son at Buck Pond campground in the Adirondacks, 12 miles north of Lake Saranac. It is a pristine location with a remote feeling of wilderness and great views of surrounding mountains and forests. Sunrises were fantastic every morning with lots of ethereal fog and warm light, a combination I find challenging…

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Rain Drops

We've had a tremendous amount of rain here in the northeast for the last month, and like many others, I'm ready for dry weather and plenty of sunshine. Yet it is this changing weather that can so often provide opportunities for dramatic photography, regardless of where you are. "Rain Drops" was made in my own backyard, as in 20 ft…

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