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A Photo Hike To The Mt Beacon Firetower

My wife Brenda and I hiked up to the summit Mt Beacon and then proceeded to the historic 78 yr old South Mt Beacon firetower yesterday evening. The Scenic Hudson trailhead is a very short drive from our home, and  once at the top, the views are fantastic from the Catskill mountains all the way to new York City. Reaching the…

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Castle Fog And A Quote

I'm reading and thoroughly enjoying a new book by acclaimed landscape photographer David Ward called "Landscape Beyond: A Journey into Photography". Very well written and full of amazing images, my copy is now full of my own notes and highlights. One in particular will become a part of my workshop lectures: "One of the most useful things anyone has ever…

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Valley Fog

This image was made while working on a recent video project for Scenic Hudson, and its become one of my favorites for several reasons. This does not mean I think it is my best image - for me there is no such thing, but rather improvement over time as I learn to "see" more of the beauty around me. Such…

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Beauty Within

This past weekend was the start of the 2009 art show schedule for me at the 28th New Paltz Art and Crafts Fair. I love these events as it gives me the opportunity to meet and interact with lots of new people, get real-world feedback on new images, and of-course gain new customers and patrons. As usual, there are lots…

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