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Photo Journal: Snow and Trees, Hudson Valley

Olympus E-M1,  f/5.6 @1/100th sec, ISO 640, 80mm (35mm format), no filters We've had some significant snow fall in the Hudson Valley recently, and wth the forecast calling for more during the morning hours, it was an invitation I couldn't resist. Hiking in the snow is one of my favorite activities, and if it's snowing, its all the more special.…

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Less, But Better-Why I’ve Decided to Limit Students

In the absolutely fantastic book “Essentialism” by Greg Mckeown, the fundamental concept is the idea that if you focus on what matters, you’ll lead a more meaningful and happier life. He uses the phrase, “less, but better,” which I absolutely love. In fact it’s an idea that I’ve tried to adopt in my life for quite a while, though I…

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Thoughts On Gratitude

Eagle Lake, Acadia NP / Olympus E-M1, 1/125 sec@f/11, ISO 400, 24mm, no filters Wow, I’ve finaly finished a long but enjoyable run of workshops - four in five weeks, plus a “side-trip” to Germany for Photokina. It's good to be back home, and as I enjoyed a cup of coffee this morning before an early hike, I felt a…

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