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Photography at its Best

I love the Holiday Season, and like many of you, spend it with family and friends enjoying good food, good times, and looking forward to a new year in anticipation of what it will bring. Certainly we are in a very tumultuous and difficult period in terms of the economy and political environment, but I am optimistic about the future,…

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Beyond the Lens

When I first started this blog, I didn't really have a clear idea of where it would lead or if it would even last as long as it has. All I knew was that I had something I wanted to share with others, and maybe in the process learn something about my own artistic journey. In fact, it has taught…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Day, and all we have and need to be thankful for, especially now. With all of the negative news surrounding us, it does take real introspection to find the small miracles around us each day. Just a little reminder not to take them for granted - a challenge for sure, but so important for us…

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Website upgrade

The website has undergone a substantial upgrade, though it looks mostly the same at first, there is lots going on under the hood. It was mostly driven by the need to have a better e-commerce system, making it easier for visitors to get information about the prints and workshops, and place orders with confidence and ease. I contracted Jack Brauer…

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