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Five Landscape Paintings to Study as a Landscape Photographer

There are lots of wonderful landscape photographers that have inspired me throughout my career. Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, Philip Hyde, David Muench, Galen Rowel - all iconic names that each and every aspiring nature photographer should become intimately familiar with. Their images continue to influence me to see and think about nature and the world around us. Whether through imitation or…

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Light And Time

The study of light is one of those things that never ends. The more I photograph light, the more I realize there is to learn about working with light and its infinite variations. When painters paint, they create the exact type of light they want to have in their painting. Especially in landscape painting, the quality of light is paramount…

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Studying Light In The Streets of NYC

I spent the weekend in NYC visiting a few museums and galleries, and enjoying some quality time with the family. The MET just opened the new American Wing that has a great collection of paintings from the Hudson River School. I wanted to go see the paintings, as well as  take some photos and do some research for an upcoming article I'm…

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