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Free Webinar: Creative Developing in Lightroom

Continuing in a new series of free webinars, I’m excited to announce “Creative Lightroom Developing” where I’ll share my approach to developing images in Lightroom. I’ll share my creative workflow, how I decide what tools to use in Lightroom, and my overall approach to applying compositional principles to the interpretation of images. Plus I’ll answer all of your questions related…

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Photo Journal – Ice on the Hudson

I’ve written about photographing familiar locations many times, yet it remains a challenge for many, including myself. Novelty is, of course, one of the main reasons we think better photographs are available elsewhere, instead of in the same familiar places. I know the feeling well since I’ve been guilty of thinking the same thing. The excitement of visiting a new…

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Five Things I’m Enjoying Right Now

Mind Five Min Journal Nothing has impacted my daily state of mind more than developing a sense of gratitude for all things. This is not a denial of the negative, but rather a focus on what’s positive. Studies have shown it improves health, happiness, and your overall outlook on life. While you can practice gratitude simply by noting what you’re…

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