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A Look At The Hardware In My Photography Studio

I’m often asked about the equipment setup in my studio, and how I use it all together to run my business. This includes computers, applications, backup hardware and strategies, printers, network configuration, and everything else I use on a regular basis. This doesn't only include processing and printing, and framing, but also marketing, writing, teaching workshops, and everything else that…

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Great New Books To Improve The Mind and Body

I’m always on the look out for new books to read, whether photography related or otherwise. They provide inspiration, fresh perspectives, and can spark so many new ideas for work or personal life. I do have a "book" habit, but luckily there are only good side effects (if you discount my diminishing bank account!) Here are a few of my…

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A New Mac Pro Arrives At Last

After six years of almost daily use as my dedicated photography workstation, I decided it was time to upgrade my trusty and dependable Apple Power Mac G5. It's been a workhorse for everything I do in my studio, from photo and video editing, to printing and graphic design. But it has been showing its age, especially given that Apple now…

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