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Five Things I’m Enjoying Right Now

Health Numi Organic Tumeric Tea/ Three Roots While I love coffee, I also enjoy drinking tea for it’s many medicinal benefits. One that I’ve discovered recently is Turmeric tea by Numi. Turmeric is a spice and medicinal herb that has been scientifically shown to provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and caner fighting health benefits. Numi sources all of its turmeric from Fair…

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Watching vs Waiting

I want to clarify something I wrote recently in one of my Photo Journal posts where I share my workflow from capture to print. After careful consideration, I realized I misinterpreted an important point that for me is at the heart of nature photography. In the post, I talked about visiting a location and looking for potential images, but not…

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Mindfulness for Creativity

  One of the most important skills a landscape photographer can develop is a deep sense of awareness. This is defined as a deep knowledge or perception of a situation or environment, and as you might imagine, extremely useful when working in nature. Why? There are many reasons, some of which I’ll outline here based on my own experiences. But…

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Eight Principles of Nature Photography

I’m at the Omega Institute teaching a sold out week long workshop “Nature Photography and the Art of Seeing.” This is truly a privilege for me as I have always wanted to combine the concepts of mindfulness and photography—how what we focus on and what we’re aware of at any given moment shapes our approach to photography. This is especially…

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