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Photo Journal: Canyon Lines, Utah

Canyon Lines, Utah - Olympus E-M1, 1/80 sec @f/8, 90mm, ISO 200, no filters One of the things I see students struggling with most often is knowing where to start—the equivalent of the writer's blank page. As any writer knows, that’s the most intimidating part of the writing process, where the fear is greatest. Photography is very much the same especially…

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June 2014 Free Desktop Wallpaper – Castle Rock

The June 2014 Free Desktop Wallpaper is now available for download. I've hiked the Fisher Towers Trail outside of Moab Utah many times, and still feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of its photographic potential. In the distance catching the first rays of light is Castle Rock, awe inspiring from near or far. As always, come closer to nature…

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Photo Journal: Fisher Towers Trail

Olympus OD-D E-M1, f/8@ 1/20 sec, ISO 200, 24mm, no filters Creative composition is often a matter of being really attuned to the subtleties of the landscape. In Utah those subtleties are often difficult to see because there's just so much going on. It's an overflow of sensory information in every conceivable way, and vision is often superseded by the…

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How Long Does It Take To Make An Image?

  I'm in Moab Utah getting ready to lead the 5 day Spring In Arches and Canyonlands workshop. Moab has always been of one of my favorite places since the first time I visited in 2003 on a mountain biking trip. Though photography was not my primary focus, I still wanted to capture the landscape in a way that expressed…

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