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PhotoJournal: Fall Panorama – Part 1

Olympus E-M1 Mk II, 1/120sec @f/4, ISO 400, no filters, 104mm The more I photograph, the more I realize that the greatest difference between a successful image and all the others is the elimination of everything that isn’t necessary. It’s more than just simplifying the composition, it’s a sense that every element in the frame is contributing to a unified…

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My Thoughts on Mirrorless Cameras 2018

Can you weigh in on all of the hoopla on mirrorless cameras from a creative standpoint? In other words, will converting to mirrorless help a photographer improve their skills and creativity? While we regularly see small incremental improvements in camera technology all the time, every once in a while there are advances that change our perceptions of the tools and…

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PhotoJournal: Fall Trees, Hudson Valley

Autumn is always an exciting time of year for nature photographers and I grab whatever opportunity I can to get out on the trails before it’s over. We don’t see especially vibrant colors here in the Hudson Valley, and that’s ok with me. While I love color, I think it’s easy to be seduced by color alone and disregard the…

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