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Recent Interview on Latinos Behind the Lens

I'm extremely proud and honored to have been interviewed on "Latinos Behind the Lens", a new website promoting hispanic photographers and artists. While I have never really thought of myself as a "latino" photographer, I am proud of my heritage and more than  happy to help others regardless of their cultural or racial background. While I was born and raised in NYC,…

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Selecting Your Best Images

I recently wrote an article here titled Lessons of Editing about the process of separating your good images from your great ones. Since then, I've continued to work on my own workflow and the methods by which I try and determine which images are special. Charles Cramer is one of my favorite photographers on many levels. He is a former…

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Castle Fog And A Quote

I'm reading and thoroughly enjoying a new book by acclaimed landscape photographer David Ward called "Landscape Beyond: A Journey into Photography". Very well written and full of amazing images, my copy is now full of my own notes and highlights. One in particular will become a part of my workshop lectures: "One of the most useful things anyone has ever…

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