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Mohonk Preserve Auction Update

I'm happy to say that the 20 x 30 canvas print "Sunrise at Lost City" that I donated to the Mohonk Preserve for their annual auction was sold for $800 this past weekend. There were also photographs from Hardie Truesdale and Steve Jordan, and those sold handsomely as well. It was an honor to be included in this group of…

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The Formula For Luck

I'm a big Formula One fan, and also enjoy watching other forms of exotic motor racing, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. I find the combination of man and machine,  the most advanced technology, and history and evolution of the cars completely fascinating.  I watched a great documentary last night called "Truth in 24", which explores Team Audi's…

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The Birth of Modern Landscape Photography

While many equate Ansel Adams as the father of landscape photography, there were others who also had a great influence on modern photography, and none more so than the legendary Edward Weston. There is a great NY Times article on his work, his place in history, and his primary landscape subject, the coastal area of Point Lobos, California. Although he…

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Light and Emotion

Light is the basis of all great landscape photography, and it influences me and my work more than any other single element. I've often tried to describe how light can create strong emotional responses in a viewer, yet it is so difficult to put into words at times. I recently discovered Art:21, a great PBS television series that focuses exclusively on…

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