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Field Test: FLM CP-26 Travel Tripod

Although I receive many requests, I don't do many reviews or field tests partly because there are plenty of review sites already, and mostly because I'd rather focus on the things that really inspire me. So when I do spend the time to create one, I only want to do them for the gear I really enjoy using and feel…

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Landscape Photographer David Ward On Making Evocative Images

One of the few photography magazines that I read regularly, and highly recommend if you haven't heard about it already is On Landscape, based out of the United Kingdom. It features great articles and photo essays from some of the best landscape photographers working today, including several that have been instrumental in my approach to making images. One in particular…

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New Fine Art Printing Book Is Almost Here

My new book “Digital Fine Art Printing - A Field Guide for Photographers” will finally be released this Friday February 28th is now available here on the website. I’ve been working on it for over 6 months now, and had planned on releasing it before the end of 2013, but delays, edits, and travel forced me to wait until now. But…

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