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Favorite Motivational Quotes of 2009

I love motivational quotes, mostly for what it teaches me about how others perceive the basic issues of adversity, challenge, and success. Here are 11 favorites that I've collected over the years together with some preferred personal images. Share your favorite quotes in the comments! "The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water,…

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Photo Of The Day-River Dreams

I've been working on some long exposure shots lately, and this is a recent result of thinking about movement in the water and sky as part of the composition. The motivation comes from a new project I'm working on that attempts to bring more of my musical mindset to the images I create. I love lush and very organic sounds,…

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Lessons From Nature

I'm often asked whether I prefer the beginning or end of the day for photography, and I always answer that for me, nothing gets me out of bed faster than the excitement and curiosity of what I will discover during the early morning hours. The crisp air of dawn, the mystery of fog, and the imminent arrival of light which…

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