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The Four Principles of Fine-Art Paper Selection

One of the most important questions you will ask yourself as you either start or continue to print your work is “what paper do I choose?” This question will never go away, but with practice and a creative approach becomes easier to answer. In fact I’d say it’s the question I look forward to the most in my printing workflow.…

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Selecting Canson Infinity Papers – Free Webinar

I’ll be giving a free webinar for Canson Infinity next week discussing how and why to choose a paper for your images. I’ve many times here before (including this free PDF guide), but it’s one of those things that gets better with time and practice. Why? Because fundamentally it comes down to asking the right questions about your image and…

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My Recent Interview With Photographer Wesley Picotte

Photographer Wesley Picotte recently reviewed my Digital Fine Art Printing Book favorably, and you can read it here in case you missed it. I’m also honored that he interviewed me about the book and why I wrote it, and also about a lot of other topics related to photography and printing. Read the interview on his website. Thanks Wesley for…

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