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August 2012 Free Desktop Wallpaper

The August 2012 Free Desktop Wallpaper is now available for download. Color and light seem to inhibit a focused quality at 11,000+ feet of elevation, and I definitely experienced that on my recent trip to Rocky Mtn NP. As always, come closer to nature in the Rockies. . 1920 x 1200 1920 x 1080 1680 x 1050 1280 x 800 Instructions:…

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The Search for Intimate Landscapes

Tundra, Rock Mtn NP As I continue to study painting and all of the profound things it can teach us as photographers, I find myself more often looking beyond the obvious compositions, and more towards the smaller details. Whether we call them abstracts, extracts (as Ansel Adams preferred), or intimate landscapes (my favorite), the idea is the same. We focus…

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Traveling in Colorado and Rocky Mtn National Park

  I'm in Denver Colorado visiting family for the week, and of course have several days set aside to visit and photograph in Rocky Mountain National Park which is located just 1 hr northwest of the city. I had a chance to visit yesterday for the first time, and was completely overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and grandeur of the…

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